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Editor's Review

You should visit Blue Point

For its stellar menu and classy ambiance

A long-time favorite amongst the fussy Gaslamp crowd, Blue Point is a solid contender when it comes to upmarket seafood. If it's your birthday, pop along for a fabulous array of fresh and tasty morsels, as well as an on-the-house chocolate-drenched, cocoa-infused dessert.

Who goes there?
Those who have wronged their loved one and are going all-out to win them back, as well as birthday girls and boys, and seafood lovers of all types. You'll find mid-sized groups packed into the booths, and a few couples and solo diners here and there. Dress to impress, and make sure you know which cutlery to use for which dish.

What's the menu like?
Upmarket seafood, with ocean-going fare to impress everyone from fishy dabblers to connoisseurs. The oyster bar serves up fresh and subtle choices including ahi and hiramasa sashimi, California sturgeon caviar, and spiced yuzu oysters, while the starters list is all about the green and the fibrous, with fragrant choices like the green papaya salad  and the sherry-drenched lobster bisque tempting the eye. For mains, you'll find an array of market-fresh fish and crustacea, as well as a few four-footed options for those worried about their iron intake. The sides are a notch up from your usual greasy, stodgy fare, with choices such as baby bok choy and grilled asparagus. The bar menu is extensive and sophisticated, and Happy Hour is a boon to lovers of cocktails. Ask for the Indio, an impressive affair clouded with liquid nitrogen.

What are the top menu picks?
The fresh oyster platter is a house favorite for a reason, and it's a crime to pass it up. Follow it with the deservedly famous sherry-infused and crème fraiche-thickened lobster bisque, and then move on to the pan roasted green lipped mussels, which are simmered in coconut ginger and green curry. The grilled wild salmon, cooked in a maple-soy barbecue dressing and served with buttery polenta and Belgian endives, is the standout of the mains.

What's the atmosphere like?
Appealingly elegant, with decorative pillars, lush carpets, and tastefully arranged floral bouquets galore. The ceilings are so high that you'll hurt your neck looking for them. But bear in mind that while Blue Point is considered quiet for the Gaslamp district, it's not quiet by any normal measure, and you may find yourself raising your voice to be heard. The tables are arranged in such a way that traffic will continually pass by your table, so opt for a seat at the back of the room.

Any limitations?
Noise can be a bit of an issue for the headache-inclined, so don't go expecting a night of whispered delights. The dessert menu could do with a bit of a shake up, too.

What's the service like?
Professional, to the point, and prompt. Some staff do border on mannequin-like, though, and a smile here and there wouldn't go astray. Still, you'll find them knowledgeable about the menu, and prompt in taking your order and serving up your meal, and the bar staff are good value for money.